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Within the past 12 months
HellYeah Battlegrounds 8.8 4/9
Earth Empires 8.4 1/6
Monarchy Game 10.0 4/4
Nation Wars 9.3 2/3
The Grail Lords 8.2 2/2
Agonia 8.7 2/2
Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra 9.7 2/2
Producers and Traders 10.0 1/2
Prison Struggle 6.5 1/2
Made Man Mafia 10.0 1/1
MagicDuel Adventure 9.7 1/1
Mafia Returns 8.2 1/1
Mob World 10.0 1/1
Truce 10.0 1/1
AssassinRPG 8.3 1/1
Weekend Predictions Game 10.0 1/1
OG RPG 10.0 1/1
PokerRPG 9.2 1/1
Erannorth 10.0 1/1
Drakor 8.5 1/1
Rocking Soccer 7.4 1/1
Furry Paws 10.0 1/1
Mech Crusaders 9.6 1/1
vManager 8.3 1/1
Football o Rama 9.3 1/1
Prisonblock 8.5 1/1
Farmzer 0.0 1/1
Galatium 8.6 1/1
BattleMaster 8.8 1/1
Poppy Seed Pets 10.0 1/1
Matchday11 8.0 1/1


  • Erannorth

    Sep 26th by hennysh

     The game is set in a world where you can choose your path. You start with a single life, and can choose to either stay on the same path, or go down a different one. Each path has different challenges and rewards. The game is very easy to pick up, but you will have to put a lot of work into it to get the best rewards.

  • Furry Paws

    Sep 19th by Albatross

     Fun and interesting game. You have to buy or breed dogs for the best traits you can, then take care of them and train/compete. I enjoy the complexity and realism; these aren't cartoon pets that you dress up.

    It's a friendly place with amazing player involvement. There are al lot of great people who help with learning how to breed high-quality pets and show/compete them... and also let you buy or breed really good dogs for a tiny fraction of the sales prices.

  • Drakor

    Sep 12th by sharase123

     This is the best game i have ever tried, i will invite more of my friends to play it

  • Agonia

    Sep 8th by boystrong100

     Funny adventure game, very interesting

  • Nation Wars

    Sep 8th by boystrong100

     This is a fantastic game with a fantastic community eager to welcome any and all newbies! For a long time, I've been hooked on this game. [url=]bubble shooter[/url]

  • Earth Empires

    Aug 25th by Porthos

     Join a good team in Stones. Send a message to #165 Taker.

  • Rated
    Aug 22nd by MisterX

     My high score is 2400

  • Prison Struggle

    Aug 21st by Negan

     I tried to update my comment below and it would not allow me to do so. So I take back my previous comment.

    The game is a good game the reason for my partially negative feedback last time was that I requested help for some thing which I do not fully remember the details and they would not help me.

    I went away for a couple months and came back since then they have been willing to help with everything they can.

  • vManager

    Aug 16th by gamerun00

     The forum content that you shared with me has provided me with a significant amount of knowledge that is useful. I really hope you'll start posting updates more frequently. poppy playtime

  • Monarchy Game

    Aug 13th by coww

     I'm glad I joined because it's developing at a great pace

  • Prisonblock

    Aug 12th by Negan

     The game is great the only problem is the owner does not take care of it. No updates or bug fixes. But the game itself is great once again I really like how cells and amens work. Hopefully the owner will come back one day and take care of it there’s a decent bit of active players left.

  • Producers and Traders

    Aug 10th by Cain

     On Sunday 14 August 2022 starts a new city, be a successful manager!

  • Galatium

    Aug 8th by rulia

     Wow, this is the best article I've ever read. An article that many people need to search hard still can't find and I am proud to be the lucky one to find it.

  • Farmzer

    Aug 8th by rulia

     God, how can you [URL=]weaver game[/URL] write such good essays. It will definitely be the hottest comment on social media right now.

  • BattleMaster

    Aug 8th by rulia

     Thank you fall guys for giving this world a new color. It also helps me a lot to teach me how to love life, love people and appreciate everything around.

  • Matchday11

    Jul 15th by UnderMyTutel

     Matchday11 is a relatively new football manager game and the best one that I have ever played! MD11 places a heavy focus on formations/tactics, transfers, loans and youth scouting. There are many countries you can choose to compete in and admin adds new leagues over time. The newest leagues at the time of this review are Ghana and India. There are international cup competitions as well.

    The game is not overly complex, as some football managers tend to be. The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Join today and find out for yourself. You won't regret it!

  • Poppy Seed Pets

    Jul 14th by Albatross

     Absolutely unique game! You provide food and tools, give them affection. The pets do the rest.

    On their own, pets can gather, craft, fight monsters, make friends, play games and join guilds; explore the hidden earth and the umbra. Hundreds of species, thousands of items.

    The developer and community are very active.

  • Mafia Returns

    Jun 22nd by watkinsa833

     If you don't mind the owner making changes to the game in the middle of game wide wars that affect the outcome of the wars. If you are interested in playing with player/staff who will interpret the rules in the best way to benefit the group they play with. If you enjoy a game where the player/staff abuse their power, a game where the owner creates new rules in mid wars and events that change the outcome, a game where you are allowed to openly harass, and stalk other players then this game is for you.

  • Mob World

    Jun 19th by shadowofevil

     This is a great Mafia war game tons of features and action to be done.

  • HellYeah Battlegrounds

    Jun 15th by The Bully

     Still the best game I’ve played in a long time, even the sister game is awesome, come play with us all

  • Truce

    Jun 14th by Bloodfist

     Amazing game, with a lot of potential. Good developers, great community. Development has always been community-driven. The game is improved upon, and updated, almost daily. Check it out!

  • AssassinRPG

    May 30th by Luke

     Amazing game! Murder, smuggle & hack your way to the top!

  • Weekend Predictions Game

    May 13th by maltas

     A very interesting football predictions game. Plenty of competitions to play for. Recommended.