War of Republics

Rating: 8.3/8
Rank:18st 19st Last Week
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Graphics:Text Base


War of Republics is a multiplayer browser game, each in-game country is a community of players, choose your country and make it prosper. The game has a rich and diverse economy, from resource extraction to technological research to industrial production. Build factories and hire other players to work and produce over twenty different items. improve your military technologies with research centers. transport your goods on land and sea and become a rich merchant. produce the electricity needed for your factories in power stations. take part in the elections and become the president of your country. become a member of the army or the national navy and defend your country.

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  • Poison Ivy X

    Jan 11th

      yeah nah not my game type

  • Samsung

    Dec 2nd

     This game seems fun. When you join the game, you have to choose a country to be part of. Unlike other nation sims you are part of a nation instead of running one.

    There are geopolitics in the game as well as wars. The tutorial does bug out and is hard nofollow, but from what I can tell in my play though, you build buildings and do work, but after that the game makes you wait until tomorrow to do anything else. That is a bit disappointing.

    The game is worth a try.