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We don't check these messages very often because BBOGD is programmed to run automatically. So before you try and contact us let me just let you know we are a non-profit website. This site was built by game owners for the game owners.

Most common questions

1.) When will my game be reviewed?
Games submitted may not show up on some parts of the site until fully reviewed but your game will show up on the top list with votes, will work in every way. Theres no need to worry about when your game will be approved.

2.) I want to buy advertising, or partner up.
The site does not sell advertising but if you would like to partner up, the only fair way is to submit your game, upload ad banners for that game and get players to vote for your game. The more votes your game gets, the more your ads are displayed.

3.) What kinda support is this? I demand answers!
We don't get paid to support or deal with people, no one is really a customer here. This site is all automated. It's a fairly simple site for game owners to advertise their game for free because advertising can be costly. Show us one site that pays the bills for everyone and doesn't charge ANYTHING on their website. Websites usually charge for advertising, we don't. This is a rare site so just enjoy it as is.

Please contact us if...
There are any issues with the site it's self. My grammer is poor so please correct me if you wish. I'll eventually read your message but I won't always reply unless I absolutely have to so please don't be angry.

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