Deep Space Colony

Rating: 9.0/8
Rank:421st 436rd Last Week
Genre:Strategy, Space
Graphics:Text Base


Build your colony on one of the 3 planets of the galaxy, to trade in it, but also build your fleets and set out to conquer the other 2 planets. The principle: At the end of a tutorial that will allow you to grasp the basic concepts of the game, you will be able to launch yourself in various activities, with the neighboring colonies on your planet, which are all your friends or to conquer Of the other planets, by attacking the enemy colonies. The main actions are: Trade in goods and vessels. Stock market speculation. Mining, whose ore is the basis of all commercial production. The formation of fleets of ships to go on the assault of the proposed missions or to attack the neighboring planets. Perform stealth raids to loot the minerals and credits of enemy colonies. You specialize in cyber attacks and help the fleets of your friends' ships by hacking the systems of opposing colonies. Ensure the support and protection of friendly colonies and fleets in need. Build fleets of Cyborgs to defend or attack the Capitals. Campaign and become a Senator of your planet to manage its budget and doctrines. Explore the other 2 systems of the Galaxy to search for Asteroids and exploit them. To plunder the mining ships on a mission on the Asteroids. Each week is organized a Guerrilla way 'capturing the flag' between the planets bringing bonuses and bonuses to the participants of the winning planet.

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  • Grajon

    Apr 26th

     Yes the game is initially in French, but everything is translated into English and the tutorial too, remains to follow it scrupulously as it indicates from the start, which some do not do...
    The game is also based on exchanging with others, and when you're a little lost, or you're too lazy to read the help pages, the best thing is to ask other players who will never refuse you to help you whether you are friend or enemy.

  • adrebia

    Dec 3rd

     The game primary language is French and the English translations leave words are and the tutorial is hard to understand. I did not get far before giving up because the tutorial was too hard to understand and follow.