Most Talked About

Within the past 12 months
Drakor 8.9 4/6
Phoenix 7.5 4/4
WarClicks 10.0 4/4
Battle Of Destiny 9.0 2/2
vManager 10.0 2/2
Ruthless City 9.5 2/2
Porn Star Wars 8.8 1/2
Ravenblack Dark Alleyway 10.0 1/1
Project Terran 7.7 1/1
Uk Mafia 5.0 1/1
MobstarGame 8.0 1/1
Mafia Warfare 10.0 1/1
Galatium 8.6 1/1
My Racing Career 8.0 1/1
The Nine Worlds 5.0 1/1
Earth Empires 8.6 1/1
The Grail Lords 8.9 1/1
Rpg Empires 8.0 1/1
Directive Alpha 10.0 1/1
Pirates Glory 10.0 1/1
Jail Lords 8.5 1/1
My Profit Land 10.0 1/1
CasinoRPG 6.7 1/1
World Mafia 7.5 1/1
Land of Nevard 10.0 1/1


  • Project Terran

    May 26th by Tom Paris

     It's a great open-ended game. You can develop your characters in multiple directions, including mining asteroids, hauling freight, delivering commodities, fighting enemies, or crafting new ships, weapons, or a host of ship upgrades. You can train any character any of the skills that are required to advance. There are missions that teach the game mechanics, and then missions for each career path to earn credits and better gear.

  • Battle Of Destiny

    May 21st by Crazy Horse

     This game takes a bit of time playing.... Exploring the Countryside can be a bit of work... But all in all for the simple play style it is a great game...

  • Ravenblack Dark Alleyway

    May 19th by Jauk

     This game is the absolute greatest! The grid based city is easy to play, but the role playing boards are the best part.

  • Ruthless City

    May 9th by Sarah

     Hey, I'm an old fart, and tried this on a whim. Found it confusing, then read the tutorial under City section, and got started. I didn't know how to find a job and chatted with someone and they gave me some hints. Got a job, found out how to do crimes and get more graft. Now my goal is to get accepted to a squad and buy a house. It's really fun. Be sure to vote every day to win a BAR. Also, if you get other players to join and vote, you get rewarded and it gets even more fun. I'm only 24 hours in and addicted. Give it a try!

  • WarClicks

    Apr 25th by ladybug

     Each day I enjoy more in this game. Game is full of hidden tasks that surprises you every time.

  • Drakor

    Apr 18th by Doge

     Very addictive game. Keeps me going for a long time.
    Looks neat. Community is really nice and active. Game is actively updated.

    Give it a try!

    If you are kind, please use my referral link:

  • Porn Star Wars

    Apr 8th by Roger92705

     Read franks post below. : I'm telling you those chatters Just​ a total assholes all of them especially monster

  • vManager

    Apr 6th by Tobias

     I liked the game. It is simple and objective.
    However, it is necessary to pay attention to some details.
    The Game Administration is very participative and acts together of the players. They are always adding new functions and planning new things.

    I recommend this game. One of the most fun I've ever played.

  • World Mafia

    Mar 10th by madmanc

     utterly addictive gameplay and, since it was created in 2007 it is one of the most longstanding games of it's type on the net. the staff don't get involved in petty player squabbles and it is always overseen by it's owner to ensure fair play.has a good mix of players from the usual teenaged tearaways to people in their 40's. friendly and addictive - give it a go i highly reccomend it

  • CasinoRPG

    Feb 6th by Davrock

     I am a long time player of this game (3 years) and enjoy most aspects of the game itself. It has a lot of potential. Unfortunately the community ambassadors (mods) are far from ambassadorial. They create an atmosphere that feels more like a dictatorship than a game. They target players who have displeased them for chat bans, mutes and game bans. Their constant abuse of power has driven many many players from the game, both new and old. It is my opinion that this game will never achieve more than mediocrity due to the CA's and their power tripping ways.

  • My Profit Land

    Jan 22nd by Myprofitland

     Great political simulation game!! I'd recommend to everyone interested in politics!!

  • Jail Lords

    Jan 17th by Nikita

     This game is too much fun and I'm loving it. You guys should really join us. We need more active, tough skinned, that loves to talk smack!

  • Pirates Glory

    Jan 16th by Evdaimon

     Constantly under development

    Big enough to have a real community and small enough to still care.

    Try it out ;)
    For any help with the game, try posting up in the forums or contact administration directly with your question.

  • Directive Alpha

    Jan 10th by DragonReborn
    This is my ref link to a newly made game that needs your support and review. Get to combat 10 to help me out, it doesn't take long and enjoy a very colorful community that is newly joining every day

  • Rpg Empires

    Jan 6th by caltexs

     Fantastic game! Nice community and the staff don't abuse there powers, amazing if you ask me.

  • Galatium

    Dec 27th by Nelli

     This is a an active and fun game. It has a great community and it doesn't take all your time or wallet to play it.

    The game has an active developer who adds new content all the time. For example for Christmas the North Pole was opened and it was snowing.

    A bonus is that it can be played from the mobile phone.

    Its also a game that requires some planning and strategy. And for some reason a lot of players have computer knowledge or are active programmers in real.

    All in all, come and play this fun game and if you do put me as your referral :) (ID:61)

  • Earth Empires

    Nov 4th by Jacob

      ewwwww game and people they seem to only attack others without reason they attacked me just because they thought someone else!!!!

  • The Nine Worlds

    Oct 17th by Virtuouz

     Not an active and this game is ugly AF. It looks like it was designed in the 90's.

  • My Racing Career

    Sep 18th by Daniel

     Not to bad of a game. Understandably hard wins some of the time though

  • The Grail Lords

    Sep 6th by Mikesterbrau

     So I have been playing this game for almost a year now and it is still my favorite. I really can't nail it down to any one thing that makes me love this game so much. It is simple and does not take much time yet I find myself looking forward to the next chance to play. Lots of skills to work on and objectives to strive for. I have tried to find something like it to tide me over for the time between the daily resets and it has just mastered the niche completely. The community is very active and the events are fun.

  • MobstarGame

    Jul 29th by reggie

     Great strategic game, not many mafia games where teamwork is this important. The apps are a huge plus too, im ranking my character like crazy.

  • Mafia Warfare

    Jul 1st by MafiaWarfare

     Great Game and Great Staff!!!

  • Phoenix

    Jun 8th by GTDoug

     Terrific open ended role-play friendly game with an excellent, unbiased and very imaginative GM.

    Player actions can and do affect the long term game universe.

    Lots of trade, diplomacy, empire building and / or battle available to the experienced and new start players.


  • Uk Mafia

    Jun 5th by Hatred

     WARNING!!! Do not use your real e-mail address with this game. If you decide you do not like the game it doesn't matter, they will SPAM YOU FOR LIFE!!! This game was bought, the actual owners don't have any real programming knowledge so I doubt this game will receive any real updates or improvements. I'm sure just like the rest of the mafia game clones out there, this one will eventually be wiped off the net.