Your Thug

Rating: 9.0/5
Rank:553rd 557th Last Week
Genre:Action, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


An Old School Based MMORPG mafia browser game! Knock around players from around the world!

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  • SillyMilly

    May 14th

     Not onlly a great staff that is always looking to improve gameplay and help players in anyway needed. Not only a great staff but also a great gaming community! I highly recommend you give this game a chance, one of my favorite aspects of the game is how effortless players can navigate between menu's as well as overall style of the game. Once you sign up and give it a chance... I guarentee you'll be hooked just like me!

    Just use the link below to sign up and start today and unleash your inner thugggg!

    USE ------

  • Envy

    Apr 17th

     ¬†Your Thug is a very fun and addicting game that never gets old. I'm always discovering new things to do and new people to make my experience more enjoyable.
    The community here is awesome, staff are friendly and helpful
    The game is constantly getting updated and never fails to impress me!

  • Toxic V

    Apr 6th

     Great game good owners, As a gamer what more can you ask for.I highly recommend giving this game a go

  • Bailey

    Mar 31st

     Game revamped with name change and upgrade. Rightful owner, great admin, great coder. Daily updates and upgrades, some based on the requests of players. Stop and give it a try.
    Good community :)