Unholy RPG

Rating: 8.2/11
Rank:352nd 356rd Last Week
Genre:Rpg, Strategy
Graphics:Text Base


Unholy RPG is a game where you play a human warrior set in an evil and unholy fantasy world. Train your stats, search for valuable weapons and items, maybe create your own items at the workshop, compete for #1 in the hall of fame in a variety of options, learn the market to earn money. Even create your own guild. That way you and your friends can wreak havoc upon this evil world. Become a part of the growing community, So why not register today for free.

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  • Lilith

    Aug 7th

     LOVE this game. NO attention seekers and everyone is very nice, admin is great. New game so things are still being put into place but if you are looking for a great place to hang out, come join us.

  • tattoo

    Jan 27th

     very good game with very dedicated owners and friendly players

  • killer eeyor

    Jan 26th

     I find it to be a fun game . lots of neat people on it and lots to do and see

  • Punch

    Jan 26th

     Pretty good game. Very unique in a lot of aspects. If your tired of being forced into a mob or mafia this is a good game.


  • Manicman78

    Nov 13th

     Hey every one this is a new game that you get to build stat and pvp the guild wars will be coming soon come get in on the action best staff around they are really open to ideas and trying to make every one voice heard. Here is my link copy and paste and join the game all are welcome to the fun

    Have a Great Day