The Revolution

Rating: 10.0/2
Rank:512st 512st Last Week
Genre:Mafia, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Launched September 1st, 2018!! Join Today and Get A 1 Time NOOB Collectable! Weekly Categories to compete in for awesome prizes! Claim Your Starter Pack and Be On Your Way. Farm Animals, Search The Streets or even Invest In Stocks!

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  • Bailey

    Dec 23rd

     All around good game. Great community and great owner/admin.

  • Bailey

    Dec 3rd

     This is a great game with a great community.
    The owner/admin is by far the best around. Not Greedy, Not Shady and extrememely fair to all players. He does what is best for game and works with players on fixing issues. Also has a great Discord base with many channels for open discussions, suggestions, etc.
    Worth visiting and playing.

  • Zodai

    Nov 21st

     If you are looking for something new and excited about text based game, here is the place. Active admin, daily giveaways, updated features, nice events, and many more. Try to find out by yourself and come join us now. [149]

  • Reaper

    Nov 20th

     Great Game New Features added. Daily Giveaways come check it out.

  • AXL

    Nov 18th

     Great game owner is very active and updates fly in daily. Give it a try you will quite playing all your other games...{82}

  • AXL

    Nov 18th

     Awesome game, Owner is very active and listens to suggestions. Try it you will stop playing all the others.

  • Raiden

    Nov 17th

     Fun game, with many features still yet to come. Join now!

  • ChristieLove

    Nov 16th

     Amazing game. Relatively new so you can join now and rise to the top ranks. Owner is very active and updates come in rapidly. Check it out. [207]

  • Ravenous

    Nov 15th

     Absolutely a wonderful and addicting game. Owner and staff are amazing and quick to respond to any questions and bug fixes. Raffles and prizes are a part of the daily thing and everyone has a chance to enter and win. Come on over, you wont be disappointed. {46}