Rpg Empires

Rating: 8.5/4
Rank:437rd 437rd Last Week
Genre:Rpg, Strategy
Graphics:Text Base


like Age of Empires? You will love Rpg Empires! Play from 32 ancient civilizations from Britons, Turks, Goths, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians to Mythical Fantasy civs like Predators and Aliens for a unique twist. Over 40 distinct war units and 100 Researches and Technologies. Join a guild or go alone. Level your hero and Craft your own unique weapons and equips and PvP against other players or search for monsters to fight in Warcraft type hero battles.

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  • caltexs

    Jan 6th

     Fantastic game! Nice community and the staff don't abuse there powers, amazing if you ask me.