Roto X

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The year is 2058. Earth has just undergone the worst devastation in the history of mankind: a nuclear holocaust. Only 10% of the population remains, living on what inhabitable land that they can find. Theft and crime run rampant throughout the world. Using what resources they can, the people of Earth construct their only defense against each other: the RObotic Tactical Operations eXoskeleton, or simply the Roto X. Using these mobile war machines, they are able to simultaneously resist attack while returning an onslaught of their own. In an effort to survive, many users of the exoskeletons banded together to form factions that divided the land. Uniquely identified by the color flag found on the suit, four main factions were founded: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. As you descend into the world of Roto X, your one and only goal is to ensure the survival of your faction and its members. The siege is on.

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