Roboid Incorporated

Rating: 9.5/2
Rank:357rd 360rd Last Week
Genre:Adventure, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Roboid Incorporated is a free mobile browser-based massively multiplayer online text game. It is an RPG with a rich story and mission system. As a new citizen of a city destroyed by war, you find yourself immersed in the popular sport of combat bot fighting. Trainers buy and customize combat robots sold primarily by the mysterious mega corp Roboid Incorporated. Find out what Roboid is really up to while choosing to fight or promote anarchy in this post-apocalyptic world.

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  • SKGames

    Apr 20th

     Today we launched a major feature: teams! Come join or create a team (aka guild) today, and compete against other teams to earn rank, fans, and cash!

  • SKGames

    Jan 14th

     Added a forum, a minesweeper style scavenging minigame and more. Regular updates and a growing player community- come join us!