Original Shadows

Rating: 8.0/8
Rank:33rd 31st Last Week
Genre:Action, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


The world you knew has fallen. Left in the wake of its destruction is a civilization trying to rebuild. However, this is not the world you once knew. Climbing through the shadows is all the dark creatures that used to haunt our dreams. Without them we would never have turned the tide against the plague or stopped the war that followed. But, while some want to build a utopia, where we all live peacefully together, others want to rule, keeping all other species as servants. Will you emerge from the shadows as an Angel, Demon, Vampire, or something completely different? Are you going to help us rebuild this world in the utopia others envision or help burn it to the ground? Come join other dark creatures in the shadows. Become strong, join families, bloodlines, or go it alone. But no matter what, come into the shadows ready to fight and Play!

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  • Negan

    Mar 5th

     The game has to many similarities to the original script

  • Queen Scar

    Jul 24th

     Great game happy to support it

  • Cat Lord

    Jul 24th

     love the game! a lot to do and more coming all the time :)
    i agree with below about the staff....and talk to you like a friend. that says something big right there.

  • Frenzy

    Apr 16th

     Who has someone in surgery for 30 days?? LOL.. If someone one can't get on for 30 days even for 5 mins then they are not playing the game anyways.. Sound like you wanted to be married to someone to take their stuff and the owner isn't having it... Well good for them

    Saw the review .. logged on to see. not bad.. it is basically a brand new game.. runs about the same as Immortal Night and Arcane Circle with some different twist. So if you are looking to be a member from the ground up on a game you should check it out.

  • Rori

    Apr 16th

     I actually play this game an amazing game. It's lots of fun And relaxing there.The Owner Gabe Morningstar is fantastic always wanting to make sure players have fun and enjoy the game him and all his staff are always there and willing to help. They interact with you by not only helping but actually going in contest and playing the game with you. Love this game .

  • Himiko

    Mar 24th

     Do not play this piece of game

    At first I had high hopes for this game when it returned, but boy was i wrong....

    The Admin are assholes, especially the new Owner Gabriel Morningstar

    Also they have a marriage Auto Dissolve that after 30 days if one partner is not on it automatically dissolves which is bull

    My wife had surgery and was not able to get on

    I gave the admin my plight but they dont give a

    stay away from this game and the stupid auto dissolve bull