New Age v3

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Boasting a revolutionary style of gameplay, NewAge is one of the fastest and most rapid paced RPGs on the net. With a professional programming staff, and the latest technology, NewAge promises to become the greatest online community ever. The staff is always open to suggestions, and most get put into the game. NewAge intoduces the Spacial Field as a new type of browser-based gameplay. Using a changable 2-D graphical map, NewAge allows for top-of-the-line technology and a fun atmosphere! The basis around Newage is that you are a slave thrown into this new realm. Starting off with only a few gold coins in your pocket, you can go anywhere. There are races and classes to choose from, each with different aspects. Also, you can worship dieties. There are pre-programmed in dieties, or you can worship another player. You can actually become a diety if you reach a certain game status.

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