Mafia Streets

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Genre:Mafia, Rpg
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As you awake, sleep still matting your eyes, you hear the streets begin to fill with traffic. Your heart is pounding from the dream you were having. There was so much chaos in your dream, you feel as though you have been running all night. The tingling in your arm becomes more apparent, and you look to see your blood soaked shirt wrapped tightly around it. You wonder how this could happen in your (pop pop pop... pop pop) shots ring out, and you hit the floor. You begin to breathe faster, and realize this is no dream. This is Mafia Streets. You have lived through another night, and now it begins all over again. You now know how bad these streets really are. You will never be able to rest. You will have to fight tooth and nail to beat these thugs. You will have to train in the gym, do crimes, rob people on the streets, and you will have to be the best at what you do if you hope to rule the Mafia Streets. Do You have what it takes? Its all FREE, so register, and get started with your life in the Mafia Streets.

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