Mafia Rising

Rating: 8.8/4
Rank:387rd 390rd Last Week
Genre:Mafia, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Mafia Rising is an old style, text based, original MMORPG. Your respected mobster can start a gang, own a company and even visit our 18+ area in a game restricted by nothing, other than activity. We have a great community and an excellent, active team of staff. We do not do resets and if you're good enough, you will make it into the Hall of Fame as a Prestige Player, where you will be able to add additional stats and crime gains to your main account.

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  • HarleyE80

    Nov 16th

     Just 3 weeks old, Mafia Rising in an old style, text based MMORPG.

    Join today to receive 3 RM Days and mail Harley (ID1) or Lipsy (ID2) and mention 'Thanksgiving Special' to receive 250 in game Points.

    We hope to see you soon.