Lands of Lords

Rating: 8.8/20
Rank:59th 59th Last Week
Genre:Medieval, Strategy
Graphics:2D Dimension


Lands of Lords is a free-to-play medieval persistent world, which gives freedom to players to choose their own playstyle. Start with a small domain and become emperor of the world. The game is not scripted, so you can choose what tools you use to become rich and powerful. Trading, military or politics all this is possible to leave your mark in the world of Lands and Lords. Be warned every decision you make can affect, not just your domain, but also the course of the whole world!

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  • KellenDeming

    May 9th

     Very addicting game. Admin is great with updates often.

  • Dworkim

    Oct 15th

     This game have a really good potential, yet it's pretty bad.

    80% of the time you will spend on it will be micro-managment, and it's boring.
    18% of the other will be building things, and the last 2% will go to war or roleplay (you will need to choose).

    You can pay to have a big time boost once a day, and to have access to more powerfull units.

    Also, the best way to protect yourself against your enemies is to be friend with the Admin

  • Kenhir

    Nov 23rd

     It was a good and fun idea but recent updates were making it worse patch after patch.

    PS. After the last update it became a p2w

  • Habb

    Jun 20th

     In fact, the problem is that the developer helps his friends in the game and uses admin powers against players he does not like. This can be as in balance changes a second before the battle, even in punishment ban.

  • Tinez

    Jan 24th

     This game is the ultimate medieval-city buildilder-strategy-RPG game. It excels under every aspect, you need to try to believe. It has a good tutorial to introduce you into most of the mechanics!

  • bloo

    Jan 24th

     One of the best games of its category. It has a well organized and balanced economy, a continuous and addictive development, interesting hierarchy system and the challenge of 4 seasons cycle. The military section and especially the battles should be improved, although the units and their features are well designed. Each day you get tokens to accelerate your actions and you can buy only a premium account for only 5$ per month, which gives 12 times more tokens. Create your land near an alliance and try to join. It can give you a good advantage and the leaders will answer to your questions.