Rating: 10.0/1
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Genre:Mafia, Strategy
Graphics:Text Base


the ultimate browser-based mafia game! You start your career as a rookie on your own and surrounded by other unexperienced criminals like yourself. Murdering should be left to others. why get your hands dirty when someone else can do that for you. As your reputation rises, you will earn more respect and money, and your skills will improve. In the meantime, keep a low profile and people will think you are harmless. Don't forget: be wary of your neighbors as well, they might be in the Mafia too!.

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  • Darkaine

    Dec 17th

     Thank you for taking time to read my comment. I would like to extend a personal invite to every one to come check out the updates on There is a small group of players that are super active a Training family to help you get your feet wet lead by Darkaine. Friendly helpful players and staff. We look forward to seeing you there.