Howl Of The Lycans

Rating: 8.8/4
Rank:557th 564th Last Week
Genre:Adventure, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Join Howl Of The Lycans the free to play online lycan role playing game The full moon rises at the horizon and your blood starts to boil, your skin burns, you hunger for blood. You feel the beast in you wanting to come out to hunt. Surrender to your innerbeast and join us !

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  • Nightmare

    Mar 26th

     The game is fun and interesting. If you follow the rules you won't have an issue. There are already several reasons this game is better than any text based rpg game I have played. You can have fun wether you donate or not. Come check it out (the game is getting updated all the time you just need to be patient}

  • Kat

    Jan 30th

     @ Sweetie refer to my comment on the other site and continue to play in "La-La land"

  • Sweetie

    Jan 27th

     What Kat is saying is totally untrue. The admins are doing a fantastic job. They are there for everyone not only the donators. I bet Kat did something he/she shouldn’t have done and got in trouble.
    It is totally not the same as other games like Kat says. When I read that comment I found it unfair that such lies are said. If people would have the patience and wait before saying stupid things like that.
    The game is not so old and it takes time to produce new features. I would say give them a chance and don’t break it off like someone did just because they are little whiners.

  • Kat

    Jan 22nd

    A Bunch of empty promises, nothing to do and its run by a bunch of bullies who have cash so they get to do whatever they want...something admin promised would never happen...dont waste your time or money. Its ID and IN wirth Nikita ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!