Galactic Era

Rating: 10.0/4
Rank:487th 490th Last Week
Genre:Strategy, Space
Graphics:2D Dimension


Galactic Era is a free-to-play online strategy game. Playable on PC and smartphones. Build fully customisable spaceships to adapt your warship to face different enemies. A fully fledged star map allows you to freely explore the one thousand planetary systems in the universe. As an explorer, you can name newly discovered systems. Players must unite to form legions and obtain territories after combat involving real risk. Legion members must work together to gather resources to build up planetary infrastructure, produce ships and modules, and conquer more territory. The stars, our destination... Gameplay video: Guide:

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  • DnF

    Jul 8th

     Great game if you want some ship building, space mining, scrap collecting, trading, PvE fighting ... Did I say I'm in for 3 months? I'm in middle game, and we had 2-3 functionality updates as I play +one major update: new rank of modules. That was great.

    You can play slow-paced game for free, but they of course have pay-to-accelerate system, you can buy job finish, more PvE missions/day, get modules for credits, which would cost you time to get for free. You can get no advantage than time.

  • Solitude

    Jul 1st

     The new player experience sucks, but once you get over the initial UI weirdness you'll see the core game play mechanics. Most of the game play is around gathering resources, building ships and parts for them, configuring them to counter pve enemies, get more loot, get more resources, and keep on upgrading. You can join a legion to get an accelerated start. Game has kept me playing for over 6 months.

    In game chat is mainly in chinese, but there's an active english speaking community at