Furry Paws

Rating: 10.0/2
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Furry Paws is a sim game where you can raise, train, feed, play, and show a virtual dog. We have over 160 breeds of dogs, and 14 types of dog sports. Even though we're still technically beta, there's a ton to do. Unlike some other pet games, Furry Paws has a realistic atmosphere, which you may or may not consider a plus.

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  • Albatross

    Sep 19th

     Fun and interesting game. You have to buy or breed dogs for the best traits you can, then take care of them and train/compete. I enjoy the complexity and realism; these aren't cartoon pets that you dress up.

    It's a friendly place with amazing player involvement. There are al lot of great people who help with learning how to breed high-quality pets and show/compete them... and also let you buy or breed really good dogs for a tiny fraction of the sales prices.