Rating: 7.5/2
Rank:171st 180st Last Week
Genre:Rpg, Strategy
Graphics:Text Base


Welcome to Empire 15. The place where you can become a street mobster or a real hustler. Set in the urban and rural areas of America. This text based RPG game will take reality to a whole new level. You either work your way to the top and be the best or stay on the streets and keep ravaging for survival. With a complete new theme Empire 15 has been created for those who would like to build their virtual character and live a whole new different life. For those daily users this game is a new chance for them compared to other existent competitors out there in the RPG text based game industry. Players always have a chance to work on their character and build on their stats from crime success rates to working on their strength in the gym. With several new features and a complete different theme Empire 15 is a new beginning, constantly evolving for the better of its users. Always working on new mods and updates we will bring for you which no other game has, which will be chosen as suggested by users. Befriend another user and create a Mob or open your own business from a sweet shop to a fraud agency. However you want to do, whatever you want to do, sign up and see what the hype is about. Empire 15, it's a new beginning! https://www.empire15.com

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