Rating: 7.3/3
Rank:262nd 281st Last Week
Genre:Simulation, Space
Graphics:Text Base


Ectroverse is a Space Empire simulation game. The point of the game is quite simple: you are the governing body of a Faction, this Faction is part of a greater Empire, which is filled with other players. They can elect a leader and do a little micro management of roles. You, as a Faction, must grow in size by exploring or conquering planets and building on them. Muster a fleet and attack other Empires, steal their resources or do other special ops or psychic spells.. A lot of variety in game-style depending on your race. I would say, take a look, have some fun and explore some planets. The already active and growing player base can provide quite a challenge or can help you along the way. We in the admin team are very passionate about this game and we continue to make it better in every way. The prospect of a rewrite proves that, although the game is quite stable in it's current version, it can achieve even more.

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  • David Mitche

    Feb 8th

     Playing the game for a looong time! It deserves more players! Check it out!