Rating: 10.0/7
Rank:46th 51st Last Week
Genre:Adventure, Rpg


DragonRip is a web browser-based game, with both RPG and community elements. The game is updated almost every few days. The current features include : 1. DragonRip game will work on all your devices, whether it's on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, it is free and requires no downloads. 2. Fight monsters in 8 different Fighting Fields. You can loot equipment, Gems, and of course Gold and Experience. 3. Fight in 8 different Dungeons with waves of monsters and a Boss for a chance to loot equipment up to the highest rarity. 4. Fight World Bosses in a World Event at the Gates of Hell. Currently happen around twice a day. 5. Upgrade Charms with Gems for a boost of a percentage of your Attack, Defense, Experience gain, and Gold gain. 6. Train 12 Professions : Mining, Blacksmithing, Fishing, Cooking, Jewelcrafting, Hunting, Crafting, Slayer, Exploration, Herbalism, Alchemy and Summoning. 7. Join Clans or create your own and build Clan Buildings that give boosts to members attack and defense. 8. Complete Challenges and increase your skills that give various boosts in the game.

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  • Kelly

    Dec 12th

     Why I like fishing in Dragonrip. Mining is good and quick in profit and progress, but I have chosen fishing because of precious xp, amusing graphics and variety of species. Players who spend more time in Fighting Fields have a choice of various useful combat skills to develop. There are many unique features in Dragonrip which can pleasantly surprise a player, when they are gradually discovered.

  • dragonripcom

    Nov 28th

     Really new game, always updating and improving. Friendly community, growing constantly. We are looking for new players to experience the fun of DragonRip