Rating: 10.0/10
Rank:504th 507th Last Week
Genre:Strategy, Army
Graphics:2D Dimension


A free multiplayer social strategy game. Grow in power by conquering castles. Gain vassals until you can overthrow your lord and climb the tree to become the Dominus.

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  • Kahlfin

    Feb 27th

     Easily one of my most favorite games ever, it is an incredible slow-paced RTS, where political prowess is just as important and unit control/economy. An incredible and very unique game.

  • Alicorn

    Feb 27th

     Do you like Age of Empires or Starcraft? Do you like Settlers of Catan? Do you like Sid Meier's Civilization? This game is a unique combination of elements from all of those. It has the strategy of RTS games, the diplomacy of Civilization games, and the map layout of Catan.
    Best part? It's totally free, and no in-game store to buy advantages with money, so everyone starts each new game at the same level.
    It's hard, and takes dedication. Only join if you can take a whooping.

  • SonOfDespair

    Feb 23rd

     BEST intricate and strategist free-online game
    REQUIRES skill and diplomacy
    FRIENDSHIPS are easily created amongst the community
    MODERATORS are ensuring our game are all kept to a kind standard, with zero tolerance of inciting harm
    EXPERIENCED players are willing to always support


  • FatalHydra

    Feb 22nd

     Best online, RTS strategy game I have EVER played. I say that CONFIDENTLY! A good learning curve, but has a great community to help you get started if you ask for a little help. I myself would help you, I am very active in that game, as are many others. Awesome strategy, different speed modes, and everything great about a strategic war game! Try it out!