Directive Alpha

Rating: 10.0/1
Rank:445th 448th Last Week
Genre:Rpg, Space
Graphics:Text Base


DirectiveAlpha is a new auto-idle game set in space. Fight alien monsters on distant planets to earn Bits, the intergalactic currency, or extract valuable resources from methane vents and underground wells. Use your radar to discover large iron-rich meteorites or vast silicate deposits. And if you're lucky, you might even find the precious metal Iridium. Trade your resources with other players. Explore the universe and discover forgotten alien knowledge to improve your weapons and armor, or learn advanced mining technology.

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  • DragonReborn

    Jan 10th
    This is my ref link to a newly made game that needs your support and review. Get to combat 10 to help me out, it doesn't take long and enjoy a very colorful community that is newly joining every day