Dead Awaken

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It's been four months since the infestation occurred. Two years since the dead first began to rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living. The world as we knew it ceased to exist. Those that perished only came back to solidify the ranks of the undead. Just when we thought that all hope was lost, we discovered the key to our survival. We discovered that the zombies could be trained? Now, here in the present day, we are facing a much more horrifying situation. What we once considered to be the key to our survival, has become our worst fear yet. The zombies are beginning to turn against us again. Only this time, they have the ability to think for themselves. They've learned how to use everyday objects as primitive weapons, making the zombies deadlier than ever. They're stronger, tougher and their numbers grow by the hour. Join today and help us defeat the undead once and for all. Or join the ranks of the undead and help bring about the destruction of mankind.

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