Darkness Realm

Rating: 6.9/9
Rank:244nd 71st Last Week
Genre:Action, Horror
Graphics:Text Base


Only the few can survive in a body bag... Can you? A true corpse of the Night can come back and rise to the top!

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  • tuffy

    Sep 17th

     Great game!!! Only game i know off that you dont have to be a donor to make it to HF and lots of stuff to do and earn stuff for free. Tell me where can you do that at???

  • killer eeyor

    Jan 26th

     a good fun game that is trying to rebuild its self

  • noone

    Feb 28th

     This game could of been good, except for the corrupt mods and owner, the game turned to crap, because the owner just wants the money. Now this game is dying and everyone is leaving, all the good and nice ppl left all you have left is the garbage. don't play this corrupted dying game. i would be surprised if it lasted even a few more months

  • gamer

    Jan 13th

     This game had been enjoyable and fun but over time it had begun spiraling down hill like a snowball.
    Staff and Admin can not handle the truth when proof is given to them. They favor those that tend to kiss up to them and berate those that are innocent.
    The objective of the game has become outlandish and is featured towards people who will pay for those items.
    To all gamers my advice is to stay away from this game and the nitwits that have no life, there are more enjoyable games out there.

  • Donzacuceron

    Jul 5th

     God this game rapes me. It sucks that hard

  • whats a scre

    Dec 12th

     i can give you 3 reasons NOT to register for this game
    1: this site suffers from sever lag caused by there server
    2: most of the staff are assholes i have seen them insult a new member who was asking a question about the game
    3: the staff show favoritism i have seen them ban people who have done nothing wrong just to protect there friends from being banned
    sooo overall i would have to say this is the worst game on internet and iv played my share.. also it wont let me submit with rating of 1

  • lk69

    Oct 29th

     This game is unique, many ways to advance. and a fun chat shout box where the whole game can comunicate

  • wolf6376

    Aug 4th

     good game, just needs some more players to make it better

  • Artemis

    Jun 14th

     totally lagged out game.. It was good before lag took over