Rating: 10.0/2
Rank:57th 80th Last Week
Genre:Action, Mafia
Graphics:Text Base


The game is set in 1930?s prohibition America. You assume the role of a small time gangster, starting at first by simply picking pockets and running booze between the different states. As you play the game more, you will gain rank and move on, you will be able to steal cars and participate in Organized crimes. Eventually you will reach sufficient standing in the game to allow you to create a crew, to become a big player in the game. After longer still you may reach the dizzy highs of Legendary Don, in control of a vast crime network. Or if you mess with the wrong people, you may soon find yourself talking to the Grim Reaper This is one of the oldest Gangster games out there with over 180000 registrered players, it has spawned many clones none of which have matched this games popularity.

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