Battle Of Destiny

Rating: 9.0/15
Rank:81st 85th Last Week
Graphics:Text Base


Once upon a time, in a world with a minimum of technology, there existed 8 warring races. Each race with special powers unique to that race. No one knows how the warring started, but throughout the history of the world it has been a constant thing permeating through all aspects of the civilization. Humans - with their love of and greed for gold. Orcs - able to steal an opponents gold in a PvP fight High Elves - Healers in battle Dwarves - able to equip weapons easily and block damage Undead - able to escape using energy in battles Dark Elves - Masters of counters and stealthy first strikers Vampires - Regenerating undead who can restore most damage that comes Werewolves - Deadly lethal opponents who do more damage in their lycan rage Will you join the Battle of Destiny striving for dominance of a chaotic world, paved with blood and dead bodies of enemies long gone? Do you have what it takes to win? This is a browser-based text game started in 2009 and is a free MMORPG. Everyday new stuff is being coded for it and updates are released on a regular basis.

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  • Poison Ivy X

    Apr 21st

     Great game highly recommend

  • Crazy Horse

    May 21st

     This game takes a bit of time playing.... Exploring the Countryside can be a bit of work... But all in all for the simple play style it is a great game...

  • Death Knight

    Jun 17th

     This game is an enigma in a puzzle box and wonderfully crafted with intelligent design. Great people and game play - self discovery as you level and unlock the ever growing options available to you. If you like to challenge yourself this is the game for you!!

  • MissAriiLynn

    Sep 25th

     I enjoy spending time on the game. Exploring things, figuring everything out. There's such a friendly, awesome environment with the people there. I like that it's not just easy, because then it wouldn't be as fun. Things should take time. More challenge makes it better.

  • NewBorn

    Sep 24th

     wow people are sad this is a daily game where you get energy to use of course the game takes some time and that's the way it should be who wants to play a game where you can best the best boss in the game in a week? no one that's who but anyway the layout is good and there are too many links ? and you don't know what they do? LOL go find out that is the point of the game to discover things what would you rather have less links and to know right away what they all do...
    this game is fun and enjoyable come try it out and some of the players in game already will help you out

  • Marcuz

    Jul 3rd

     As the last comment stated, it's a very boring game with not much to do other than train, even so to get above 500 stats, you have to be lvl 100. Unless you are going to be 100% dedicated to this game everyday, it's not the game for you.

  • Guest

    Jul 8th

     ehhh right off the back the layout of the game bored me and made me wanna leave, i could have explored the game more but it was so unappealing i just quit asap. not trying bash but its unappealing when you log in, too many links everywhere and dont even know what most of them do.