Age of Rebellion

Rating: 10.0/5
Rank:149st 152st Last Week
Genre:Adventure, Medieval
Graphics:Text Base


A medieval civil war has broken out and you decide to be a part of it. You can battle people on the other side, mine and smith to create equipment, fish and cook to make food, and even own land that you can charge other players to use! With all of the features and skills to level up in Age of Rebellion, you'll have plenty to keep you addicted!

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  • Animosity

    Dec 26th

     It's almost to play this game unless you spend money. But, if you're willing to shell out some coin, it's a decent game.

  • Sabre

    Feb 3rd

     Have been playing AoR for a while now and although in it's early stages, it boasts a fairly active playerbase. The game has a lot of potential and is surely worth a try! Currently PvE combat is working, exp gain and levelling working, and exp gains in 5 different skills are working: Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Fishing and Cooking.

    There is a Leaderboard to track the top 10 players in each skill, and in total level and gold owned. Land ownership is new and clans are being formed soon...