Rating: 8.9/9
Rank:14th 13th Last Week
Genre:Adventure, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Drakor is an innovative rich content text-based Browser RPG. (PBBG, MPOG, MMORPG) It boasts a Unique Combat System, Dynamicly Generated Loot, 14 Tradeskills, Offline Play, Pets, Massive World to Explore, Guilds, Chat & more. Awesome Community, Free to Play, Mobile/Tablet Optimized (Responsive Design) and much more!

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  • Doge

    Apr 18th

     Very addictive game. Keeps me going for a long time.
    Looks neat. Community is really nice and active. Game is actively updated.

    Give it a try!

    If you are kind, please use my referral link:

  • Bonechips

    Dec 14th

     I just remember something. If you are going to check out Drakor use this referral link and we both get benefits as members of Drakor. I really enjoy the game because I can play on the keyboard, and away from the keyboard. Great for those afternoon naps.


  • Bonechips

    Nov 23rd

     It's been almost two years since I landed in the land of Drakor. Awesome place. Friendly people. Lots to do. Combat system keeps you challenged. You know your addicted to Drakor when you play it 24/7! (which is highly possible with the away from keyboard (afk) activities one can pass the time with. Try it. You will not be disappointed.

  • TheLight

    Aug 12th

     Simply put, unbelievably fantastic. Great community, great mechanics, great admin, great game. Definitely worth checking out for anyone.

  • Jaize

    Jan 10th

     I recommend this game highly. Very friendly community, the game admin is very active and adds new interesting features frequently. The combat system is also impressive.

  • Stormwatch

    Jan 8th

     The game is just terrific. Storage slots are limited at first but you gain more as you complete quests, something that may not be apparent if you’re just glancing at the game. The users are very quick to help out with questions, and there are guides and tutorials to really get you on your way. I recommend joining a guild. The mutual support makes the game really come alive.