Empire Warzone

Rating: 10.0/2
Rank:48th 71st Last Week
Genre:Mafia, Rpg
Graphics:Text Base


Empire Warzone Mafia is a classic mafia-themed text based browser game. There are crimes from mugging a Millennial to Hijack Sanity's UFO to stealing Nuker’s computer. Complete Special Ops for points, experience, and cash. Search the Streets for cash, points, and those elusive golden tickets. Buy and train a pet to enhance your own prowess. Those who embrace the game the most we have of the hour and of the day bonuses, for best of the best you can win a weekly payout by winning the Warzone. Pray once a day for more money, points or experience. Go to School, Buy a House, Join a Gang. Keep an eye out for Seasonal and Holiday events as well. Improvements are made frequently, and the game is evolving. Welcome to the Empire.

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  • Bumpy

    Jul 4th

     Great new game! I've had the most fun playing Empire War Zone. Lots to do to keep you busy, competition as well as social activities. Friendly people are there to help you find your way around. I loved it from the first day. ~BUMPY

  • Frosty

    May 23rd

     Great new game. Staff is top notch Come have fun with us.